Small Groups

Life Groups

Small Groups - we call them "Life Groups"

Life Groups are designed to help you experience the life God has for you by helping you CONNECT with other believers, by helping you GROW to be more like Christ, and helping you make an IMPACT with the gospel.

What is a Life Group?

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Whether you're new to Shepherd Church, or have attended for a long time, joining a Life Group is key to helping you CONNECT with other believers, GROW in your faith and IMPACT others with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

You were created to experience life with other people, and that's why, at Shepherd Church, we encourage you to get into a Life Group. A Life Group is 8-12 people who meet weekly in a leader's home to study and CONNECT with one another, GROW in their faith, and IMPACT those around them. 

How Do I Get In a Group?

There are two ways to sign up for a group:

  1. Online at This is the first and easiest way. Simply click the “Join A Life Group” tab. You will be able to enter your information and search for a group. Once you find a group that fits your schedule and location you may click “join this group.” The leader will be notified and the group leader will contact you shortly. If someone does not contact you within a week of signing up, please contact us.
  2. During the weekend services, you may sign up for a group at one of three sign-up stations. Each station will have some volunteers in green t-shirts ready to help you get into  a Life Group! Once at a sign-up station, you use your mobile device to sign-up for a group by texting a special phone number the word "Join" and a six digit code. Once you send the text message, you will receive a text message asking for confirmation from you about signing up for the group! Then, all you will have to do is wait for a phone call from your new Life Group leader! 

Watch For...

Announcements and Bulletin: We will typically start announcing a new Life Group series 6 weeks before the series starts.

Sign-Ups: A few times a year we will do life group sign-up when people who are not already in a life group can join one. Sign-ups will typically begin 4 weeks before the start of a new series. There are two ways to sign up; online at or in the north and south hallways during the weekend services.
Contact info: 818.831.9333 or

Join a Life Group today because life is better when you’re connected!